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Before Packing

  • Try not to leave anything to the last minute, so check what you no longer need and what you want to get rid of before packing for new home/location.
  • Make a priority packing list
  • You must go through your home from top to bottom and all your belongings and make a ‘to clear’ or ‘not to go’ list or make a decision regarding old unwanted goods, to either clear, give away to a charity or someone in need, or to sell via gum tree or similar. If you utilise a moving consultants services, make sure that you highlight this to him.
  • If some things are not sold or given away before your move, ensure that you advise your removal company, so that they can include these items and adjust their estimate.
  • Calculate how many boxes you think you will need to pack with, get these well in advance. There are variety of boxes in different sizes to choose from. You will also need strong tape, bubble wrapping, highlighters or permanent markers. You can also save old newspapers and use these to line boxes. Lion Movers can also arrange these supplies for you, and also have these dropped for you if within a reasonable distance from their offices. See our Packing Supplies page.
  • Don’t completely fill these boxes, as they will be too heavy to move or consider the weight of each box when packing.
  • Use sturdy or strong boxes when packing, especially for heavier items and ensure they are sealed with strong tape, or your belongings could end up strewn all over the pavement.
  • Check that your contents insurance will cover damages or breakages during the move.
  • Put all hazardous materials, such as paint, aerosol cans and bleach or home cleaning chemicals into a separate box and away from the rest of your stuff.
  • Ensure that all your fragile or breakables are packed separately and preferably bubble wrapped carefully and that the box has a Fragile sticker or Red marker on it and always bring these to the removal companies attention.
  • Pack all your essentials or items that you will need to use on your first night close at hand separately which you can identify or in a overnight bag. These will be items such as toiletries, toilet paper, towels for family, hair brushes and condiments such evening snacks, coffee, sugar, cereal. As well as plates, cups, kettle, utensils and kitchen cloths.
  • Other useful items that can be kept close at hand are a torch, first aid kit and pain relievers, pencil and paper, Garbage or plastic bags etc.
  • Clear or drain your lawnmower or other machinery before you move.
  • Plan to clean your refrigerator and freezer 24-48 hours before you move in order to give these appliances sufficient time to dry and leave the doors and lids open to dry.
  • Movers do not remove items that are fixed to ceilings and walls, so if you are taking drapery tracks, curtain rods, blinds or other such items, remove and pack these before removers arrive. You will have to make special arrangements with Lion movers if their assistance or services are required for this.
  • Make sure that all the boxes you need the least are loaded first on the day the removal company arrives.
  • If you reside in a complex or estate that has rules regarding the parking and loading of trucks, that all the necessary arrangements are made prior to the move date.
  • If you require assistance with maintaining or upgrading your old premises, Lion movers can also assist with this service.
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